Wireless Microphone Frequency Change

In Ireland and the UK the majority of wireless microphones and IEMs (in-ear monitors) have been licensed to operate on channel 69 (854-862Mhz) for the PMSE (Programme Making and Special Events) sector. However, channel 69 will be replaced by channel 38 for exclusive use by PSME, coinciding with the Analogue TV-switch-off set for 24th October 2012.

In order to cater for new electronic communication services, the PMSE face a reduction in spectrum currently available. Following public consultation on possible alternatives to using spectrum in 790-862Mhz band for PMSE, ComReg announced that it would make channel 38 available for wireless microphone and in-ear monitor (IEM) use on an exclusive basis following analogue switch off, which would result in channel 69 no longer being available for wireless microphone use. (ComReg1068)
Current users of channel 69 are advised to switch to channel 38 prior to October 2012, when the digital switchover comes into effect. This will require replacement of all wireless microphones using channel 69.

Although existing channel 69 radio microphones will continue to operate during 2012 under license they will have a steadily reducing window of usability. Most manufacturers now offer their full range in the new frequency band of Ch.38.

For further information and advice on moving to channel 38 please contact us on
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