NEW Studio 1-Click Bundle combines Barco and Poly to offer one-touch-to-join video experience


Introducing the new ‘Studio 1-Click’ bundle.

The Studio 1-Click turns your meeting room into a BYOM video space that works with any conferencing platform and any device.

The bundle pairs seamless wireless presentation from ClickShare by Barco CX products, PLUS People Tracking and NoiseBlock technology from the Poly Studio USB video bar, creating a one-touch-to-join video experience – perfect for any small or medium space.

This solution is the perfect way to introduce flexibility into the workplace once we return to the ‘new normal’.

Try Before you Buy now available!

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Upgrade Discounts

Discounts available when you upgrade from a Barco CSM, CSC-1, CS or CSE ClickShare, or a range of competitive products. Further information

Public Sector Discounts

Special public sector discounts available. Contact Image Supply Systems for further information.


9 REASONS to click and conference with our Studio 1-Click bundle

#1 One-touch-to-join
Turn your meeting room into a BYOM video space.

The bundle pairs seamless wireless presentation from Barco CX products, PLUS People Tracking and NoiseBlock technology from the Poly Studio USB video bar, creating a one-touch-to-join video experience – ideal for the huddle and small meeting space.

#2 Cloud Flexibility
Multi-purpose flexibility for all of your meeting rooms.

The same video and audio experience every time – any employee, any platform on any laptop device!

Whether you use BlueJeans, Lifesize, Pexip, Zoom, Teams OR any other platform, Studio 1-Click will cater to your video preferences and wake up the Poly Studio video bar with a click of the button!

#3 People Tracking Camera
Let the camera focus on you, whilst you focus on your meeting.

The Poly Studio houses a 4K camera with People Tracking technology, meaning participants in the room will be perfectly framed no matter where they are sat or how much they move around.

#4 Centralised Management
Deploying multiple hardware solutions in several sites is made easy with plug and play installation. But what about managing these units on each site after installation?

Both Barco and Poly have their own Centralised Management platforms, meaning that you can rest assured knowing you and your customers can access these units remotely for troubleshooting and software updates.

#5 High Quality Audio Control
Are paper rustlers, pen clickers and loud typers interfering with the quality of audio that the far end is receiving in your meeting?

Not with the Poly Studio USB video bar. The NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence technology in the Poly Studio ensures to minimize background noise and ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear with 4 built in microphones.

#6 Industry leaders
Two industry leaders that are putting simplicity, reliability and quality technology into their products and making one super-solution.

With decades of experience in AV and VC solutions, Barco and Poly have been making technical advances, growing their brand and expanding their portfolio and will continue to do so in the future – meaning that the Studio 1-Click solution will be part of your meeting room for years to come.

#7 More button features
With the new CX button you have access to many great new features such as:
1. A 7 Second start-up
2. No drivers to install
3. Click the button to instantly use the USB hardware for your meeting
4. As a meeting participant, receive a copy of the main screen on your laptop
5. A ‘quick button’ to provide you with quick access to your meeting settings such as view room display, annotation, moderation and much more!

#8 Centralised Technical Support
Often when buying multiple products, you need to contact multiple resources for technical assistance.
Image Supply Systems will provide centralised support for your Studio 1-Click bundle, meaning you have one number to call when you need assistance.

#9 Try before you buy!
Click and conference – it’s that simple. Click the Barco button, watch your Poly USB peripherals come to life and start your meeting.

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Image Supply Systems is an Authorised Barco Partner and a Poly Gold Partner.