Concern Worldwide uses Vidyo for collaboration across 24 countries


 Operating in some of the most remote locations in the world, Concern relies on Vidyo for  effective, reliable collaboration between multiple sites including low bandwidth environments and under unpredictable conditions.


Vidyo provides high quality, cost-effective and scalable audio and video communication, that fulfills Concern’s distinct functionality criteria.


Barry Roche works with Concern as an enterprise service manager. The way he sees it, prior to making the decision to invest in Vidyo, the evaluation process was critical. “We knew that a ‘first world’ solution wasn’t really going to cut it. We work across multiple time zones; different connectivity requirements. We needed to make sure that this would work in the most robust environment as we could make it … poor connectivity, very little IT support, and a user base that would not be very tech savvy. We needed to really ‘push the envelope’ with Vidyo to make sure it would meet this requirement. And it did so without a problem. We also looked at things like: would it work across platforms, would it work on a Mac, is it going to work on Android, on an iPad, will it work on a Microsoft Surface Tablet, will it work on XP, on Windows 7? And it has been absolutely clear that Vidyo is able to do all of that.”

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