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Today, any location in the world is your studio. Lowel location lighting is ideal for use in digital video and stills, as well as all forms of film-based photography. Lowel lights, controls, mounts & kits are designed and built for rugged dependable use, ease of operation & portability.

Whether you’re lighting an indie feature or simply looking to spruce up the quality of your daily video weblog, there’s a Lowel solution for most productions & budgets.

A broad range of light systems, controls, stands and mounts, cases and kits are available.


Light Kits
In the studio or out in the field, the proper balance needed for an effective shot can only be achieved with the right light kit. ikan’s line of LED lighting offers a selection of kits with specific feature sets including lightweight designs, portability, high quality light stands and carrying cases, battery power options, on-board controls, remote controls, battery life indicators and much more.

Small interview kits from ikan offer the flexibility to work in many different situations.
You may want to consider fixture types, total light output, and the size and weight of the kit. All these factors will help in picking just the right kit.


Imagine lighting sources that are cool to the touch, portable, self-contained with no cables to tie you down, and offer infinitely dimmable 5600ºK or 3200ºK output (with virtually no color shift) by simply turning a knob. Let’s suppose they use up to 95% less energy than conventional lights. Lamp life? A dream come true at over 50,000 hours. Power options? Choose from snap-on batteries, AC adapters, cigarette lighter adapters, or run them off your camera battery. Better yet, there’s one that runs on AA batteries. Too good to be true? Not anymore.

It’s a whole new kind of production lighting. We call it Litepanels. You’ll call it a revolution in lighting.

This revolutionary lighting brings the advantages of Litepanels unique patented light-emitting diode technology to professional production lighting. Not your ordinary lights, Litepanels has painstakingly designed these extraordinary systems to exceed the highest professional standards. That’s why their ultra-efficient, luminous, soft, directional output is being praised by lighting directors, photographers, and cinematographers alike. Cool, silent, dimmable and ballast-free, Litepanels concept offers a multitude of benefits for working in studio, or on-location anywhere in the world.